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No on Prop 46!

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We would ask that all our patients, colleagues and friends vote “NO” this November on California Prop 46. This Proposition would line the pockets of malpractice lawyers by raising the limit on “pain and suffering” in medical malpractice cases. Currently, patients who do suffer malpractice can still recover ALL of their medical costs as well as being compensated for ALL expected future medical costs due to the malpractice. They can also receive compensation for lost earnings for the remainder of their life. Prop 46 simply increases the “pain and suffering” aspect of an award.

If this Proposition passes, California’s malpractice rates will double for some physicians and nearly triple for others. Finding a physician to care for you may become extremely difficult (as it is in some parts of the country where women sometimes have to drive an hour or more to find an OB doctor to deliver their child!).
The tremendous downsides to this malpractice money grab Proposition far outweigh any potential benefits. Malpractice lawyers will benefit far, far more than any patients or the citizens of California as a whole.